Manufacturing brings two things that no other sector does: the highest number of high-paying jobs and the most money from out of state. Manufacturing, which has grown rapidly since World War II (1939–45), became the state’s leading economic activity in the 1970s. Factors contributing to this growth included a favorable tax structure, available labor, plentiful electric power and low land costs. Principal industries include nonelectrical machinery, electrical and electronic equipment (computers, semiconductors, communication equipment), aircraft equipment, food products, and printing and publishing. Military equipment accounts for much of the output.

2017 Arizona Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing Output ($billions, 2015): $23.53

  • Manufacturing Share of Arizona’s Economy: 8.61%

  • Manufacturing Establishments in Arizona (2014): 3,990

  • Manufacturing’s Share of Arizona’s Exports: 83.78%

  • Total Employment Related to Manufactured Goods Exports (2016): 159,100

Source: Arizona Export Facts, Center for Manufacturing Research, 2017

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