Making I-10 safe!

The Situation

  • The 23 miles of Interstate 10 (I-10), between Casa Grande and Chandler remains the only section of I-10 between the two major metropolitan areas that has not been expanded to at least six lanes. (See Figure 8 below.)

  • Significant population growth and increased traffic flows indicate the widening of this segment is critical.

  • Over $1.4 Trillion of freight travels along the I-10 annually.

  • With over 58,000 cars traveling along this portion of the interstate each day, the highway stretch is the site of nearly 300 crashes every year. (See Figure 10 below.)

  • The stretch is the only remaining high-crash corridor in Arizona and is considered the deadliest corridor along I-10. 

  • Another 100-year flood, wiping out the Gila River bridge would be crippling to the region (the bridge has been flooded out twice in the past).

  • There is funding available to widen I-10 to the Pinal County line (15 miles); TIGER grants or direct appropriation may be funding sources.

  • Gila River Indian Community has committed to working with MAG to complete a project study. 

Figure 8.jpg
Figure 10.JPG

The Alliance

  • A coalition developed by Pinal Alliance for Economic Growth will lead the effort to accelerate the widening of Interstate 10 from Casa Grande to Chandler.

  • Pinal Alliance for Economic Growth has contracted with transportation funding and advocacy professionals to pursue a much-needed solution. 

  • The Alliance will speak as one voice on behalf of public and private sector entities to communicate a consistent message and achieve success.

Call to Action

  • Attend all meetings of the State Transportation Board until the project is approved.  View the 2019 schedule:

  • Secure resolutions in support of the project from all public and private sector entities impacted. Linked is an example of the resolution.

  • Donate funds to support the project effort.

  • Share the message across all communication mediums and have conversations with all influencers.

  • Please connect with us to join the effort, and we will contact you to discuss how you can help.


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