City Of Eloy

City Of Eloy

The City of Eloy, incorporated in 1949, historically is an agricultural community located along the growth corridor midway between Phoenix and Tucson. Although it continues to be an agriculturally-based economy, Eloy is strategically located at the crossroads of interstates 8 and 10. Therefore, Eloy has the potential to burst into a robust industrial-based economy.

In 1902, the Southern Pacific Railroad built a switch west of Picacho, which they named Eloy. In 1918, several developers laid out the foundations for a community they called Cotton City, and for agricultural tracts to raise cotton. The location of the Union Pacific Railroad’s main line, with double tracking soon to be completed, and the I-10/I-8 junction in the community make Eloy attractive and convenient for companies to transport goods.

Eloy is rich in old west and Arizona history as it is home to a territorial school, Toltec School, and a main thoroughfare of the historic Butterfield stage coach route. It is surrounded by Mt. Newman and the Sawtooth mountains. Hot air balloon rides offer beautiful birds eye views of Picacho Peak, at Picacho Peak State Park, the site of Arizona’s only Civil War battle.

Eloy is a general law city and Council-Manager form of local government. The City of Eloy has an elected mayor and six council members which appoints a city manager who is chief administrative officer of the city. The City provides a wide range of services to its citizens and businesses which address the public’s safety, quality of life and municipal infrastructure.

The city’s planning area has grown to approximately 543 square miles, and is proceeding with major infrastructure upgrades, planning activities, downtown revitalization and other economic development projects. Eloy is positioned for all who wish to live and work along the “golden corridor” right in the heart of Arizona.