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In less than five years, nearly 70% of jobs will require education beyond high school. Currently, only 42% of Arizona adults have a credential beyond a high school diploma. To be competitive, more Arizonans must be equipped with a 2- or 4- year college degree or industry recognized certificate. The committee of Achieve Pinal was established to connect the efforts of Achieve60AZ at the state level to Pinal County. Mirroring the statewide initiative, a cross section of community leaders representing business, education, government and the non-profit community make up the committee.

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CAVIT Career Display Project
CAVIT Career Speaker Forum Project
CAVIT Student Professional Development Program
About Arizona Career Readiness Credential

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Achieve Pinal is focused on the Progress Meter to strengthen the local workforce

Expect More Arizona
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Achieve Pinal focuses on education, workforce skills

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Alliance works to boost education levels beyond high school

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